Supper Club May 21, 2023

Below is the plan for our Sunday Supper Club.

I'm sending this to the whole church so everyone has a chance to help. I'm including the video of the dish we will be serving for those of you who haven't seen it yet. So far, T and  Blanca have replied to my initial text. Now that Mother's Day weekend is over the rest of you will get a chance to reply now. Thank you in advance for helping out.

You all have made our dinners so great and I'm excited to see how this Sunday's dinner does. So here is the list. Please text on this thread what number below you can chop and bring to the church Sabbath. That way others will know what's taken. 


Prepping veggies either at home or at the church Sunday mid day. I'm going to be there by noon to set up tables and decorate. And prep the tomato, avocado and make the rice at 4:00. 


1. Chop 10 red onions (big chunks)

2. Chop 10 garlic cloves 

3. Chop 12 bunches of curly Cale

4. Open and drain/rinse one case of black beans (should be at the church) Emily dropped them off I'm told. 

5. Quarter 12 limes

6. Buy 4 lg jugs med and mild salsa

7. Buy 2 Lg bag of frozen strawberries for juice

(I'll get the rest of the juice ingredients and the paper umbrellas or straws)


You can choose one or more to do. Just reply here so we all can see what is chosen to do. 

Then Sunday at 4:00, we can meet at the church and process the rest there. 

I will pick up the rest of the food and whatever is not chosen to prep Friday. I will pick up the nice white paper bowls and other tableware. 

I haven't chosen a healthy cake to make yet so if anyone wants to do that, let me know. It has to be diabetic friendly.

~ Thank you,


Sarah Corbin

Click Video Below for a simple food idea: